Maroon Dam


A unique family fun destination

Located approximately one hour's drive from Brisbane or the Gold Coast, the Lake Maroon Holiday Park is a unique family fun destination.  The Lake Maroon Holiday Park is located 20kms south of Boonah, and is situated in the heart of the Great South East Scenic Rim and is located right on the Maroon Dam.

The park descends down the mountains to the lake edge of the Maroon Dam, thus providing guests with a


Our guests can enjoy fishing, waterskiing, canoeing, swimming, bushwalking, camping, rock climbing, hiking, rock climbing.  Other activities include country markets, winery tours and the many other attractions of the area including four wheel driving.  The Lake Maroon Holiday Park is the ideal South East Queensland location for a break.

Campers, who visit our park, will not find themselves crammed in closely beside other campers – who they probably don’t even know.   We always limit the numbers we admit to our park at any one time.   (For this reason advance bookings are advised). 

When guests visit our park they can be assured of privacy, huge camping sites, plenty of space, and beautiful and peaceful bush and water vistas.   Basically, guests can pull up their caravan or erect their tent right beside their mates on the site their friend or family has booked.   

Unlike city caravan parks, water is not piped to our sites. 

Our Queenslander homestead is located away from the camping  areas.  Grandview homestead can accommodate large numbers and is an ideal venue for social or family groups and gatherings.  Grandview is also ideal for mid-week business and government conferences or seminars.

In contrast to city venues attendees at business and government conferences and seminars which are held at our park, are able to enjoy swimming and fishing or bush walking at the end of a working day - or they can just relax, and enjoy the environment).  

We have our own private access to the lake.  This private area is exclusively for Lake Maroon Holiday Park guests, and is free to Lake Maroon Holiday Park guests.  Guests can tie-up or anchor their boat or yacht overnight at the waters edge in a secure environment.  Likewise, jet skis can be left safely at the lakeside overnight. 

Guests can set up a day shelter right beside the waters edge, or enjoy our picnic areas where tables and seating is available.

Our boat launch area is not a concrete boat ramp.   Guests are advised not to try launching larger boats from our lakeside area, because they will usually get bogged in the process. 

It is usually best to launch larger boats (like those in the photo below) from the public concrete ramp on the far side of the lake, and then sail across the lake to our lakeside beach area.  Tinneys are jet skis can easily be launched from our lakeside area.

In wet weather we close and lock-off the lakeside area to prevent vehicle damage to the grass.
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Transporter used to take Bush Camp guests and their luggage up the mountain

Proprietors:  Brian & Vicki Clayton

535 Burnett Creek Road,
Maroon QLD 4310
P O Box 22, Boonah, Qld, 4310
Tel: (07) 5463 6256

ABN 18829511046



MAROON COVE:-   Our park is a family park.  We limit the numbers of guests we admit to our park,  Because our camp sites are near the size of half a tennis court, guests are assured of having plenty of space for family ball games, cricket and other forms of recreational enjoyment. 

variety of bush scenery, wild-life and magnificent views, and a wide variety of water based activities.  Lake Maroon is rated as one of Australia’s best bass fishing dams.

We have it covered !
Our camp sites, cabin, donga and our huge Queenslander homestead cater for campers and caravanners, and for social groups and families and business groups.   We offer magic scenic vistas comprising mountains, lake and bushland.  Wildlife abounds.   We have something for everyone.  BUT the numbers we can accept are limited, so to avoid disappointment, make a booking before you leave home.

If you are unable to use our website to make a booking and require assistance then please contact us.

We admit day guests if our lakeside area is not too crowded.   We admit day guests at a charge of $7.00 per head per day.   This entitles members of the public to set up a day tent at the lakeside, to launch their boat, swim, etc, and to generally enjoy the Lake Maroon Holiday Park environment.  In addition, the day rate fee entitles day guests to use the toilets, showers and the other facilities of the Holiday Park such as the owners cabin for ice purchase, soft drinks, etc.  

Friends of park guests who visit for the day must also pay the $7.00 per head day rate.  The day rate may be paid at the owners cabin, and should be paid upon arrival.  All guests are required to display a payment receipt on their vehicle windscreen.   Day guests may not bring dogs or other domestic animals.

Day tents and shelters are permitted in this area, but we don’t allow camping. This is because we believe caravans and tents in this part of our park would detract from the general amenity of the area.  Our large lawns are set aside for the enjoyment of all our holiday park guests - not just for the one or two who may choose to camp there.  Our lawns extend to the waters edge.  This area is perfect for: picnicking at the lake edge, games of cricket, volleyball or whatever.   There is also a lawn walking track to our lookout, which is a unique spot for picnics. Our lookout commands beautiful views of all the water sport activities happening on the lake below.

Lake Maroon is Brisbane's the best-kept secret location for water skiing.  Lake Maroon is definitely Queensland's best venue for water skiing.  The dam boasts deep, clean water, and a lot less traffic than other dams. Guests can set-up a marquee right beside the lake and water ski all day.

The Lake Maroon area has roads which are unfenced.   This means that despite the obvious dangers, the Scenic Rim Council permits cattle to wander on public roads.  Careful driving (especially at night) is therefore essential.  Likewise, gates to our camping, homestead and our Maroon Cove lakeside areas must be kept closed so as to keep the cattle out.

Lake Maroon is rated as one of Queensland's best-stocked Bass fishing impoundments.

Excellent mobile phone coverage for Telstra subscribers.

The Lake Maroon Holiday Park descends down from the mountains to the shore of the lake behind Maroon Dam, and provides guests with a variety of activities. Koalas are sometimes to be seen in the many trees covering the property, and they can often be heard calling at night.  Because of the location and size of the park, the Lake Maroon Holiday Park offers something for everyone.

Activities include mountain and rock climbing, bushwalks, water skiing, canoeing, fishing and bird watching, through to visiting wineries – or guests can just relax and enjoy the numerous unique views.  Kids love the wallabies and in the evenings they can feed the possums. Beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes are located near the park.

Mt Barney National Park, the Upper Portals, Mt Maroon and Mt May are located at the Park’s doorstep.  The Park is located on the vineyard trail, and is just a short drive to nearby Boonah and the Queen Mary Falls. The Lake Maroon Holiday Park is located on the Maroon Dam and is ideally situated on the vineyard and wine trail, and just a short scenic drive to nearby Lake Moogerah and the Queen Mary Falls.

The environment we seek to create for our guests is basically quality ahead of quantity. We believe guests who come to camp in our park and to stay in our holiday homes want to experience the uniqueness of South East Queensland’s Scenic Rim.

If you are lucky, you will see a Koala in one of the many nearby gum trees, a large and old Goanna who lives in the homestead grounds waddling by, kangaroos, and numerous brightly coloured mountain birds.  We believe we offer the perfect environment for a break away from the city: swimming, skiing, mountain climbing, rock climbing, bush walking, and an environment where one can have a beer at the end of the day and soak up the magnificent surroundings of the Scenic Rim.

Most people from Brisbane and the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast have never heard of Lake Maroon!  Try it and see for yourself!  Experience a weekend, or a week, or more, in the midst of the beautiful Boonah and Scenic Rim area - and enjoy splendid views of Lake Maroon and experience the unique Scenic Rim scenery and Australian wildlife amidst quality camping and holiday house accommodation at Lake Maroon.  Just an easy one and a half hour drive from the coast.

We are just a phone call away. If you are not sure about something or if you have a question, then phone us: (07) 5463.6256.  Remember, we want your stay here to be a success: so if you have any questions or you are unsure about anything, then call us!

All accommodation must be paid in full at check-in upon arrival, or as agreed by management. 

A glimpse of our Maroon Cove camping area

Our Maroon Cove lakeside area

Our Maroon Cove lakeside area

Our Maroon Cove lakeside area

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Lake Maroon is one of the best water-skiing lakes in Queensland. The Lake is deep and clear, very safe and not crowded. Almost all of the dam’s surface area is ski-able and free from obstructions.

The area used by skiers is quite separate to the area used by fishermen, so less there is conflict of use.

There are no special permits required to use the Lake, and Jet Skis are permitted. However vessels must be registered and the driver appropriately licensed. The direction of travel is anti-clockwise direction and skiing is prohibited within 30 metres of anchored vessels, swimmers and boat ramps. There are also a series of buoys about 50 metres from the dam wall that indicate a safety ‘No Go Zone’.

We have a strictly "NO REFUND" policy for cancellations for bookings which have been made for the Christmas period, the Easter period, and public holiday weekends. Outside of Christmas, Easter, and public holidays, where Grandview Holiday House or other booking is to be cancelled, a credit may be given depending upon the circumstances. Monies paid for bookings are not refundable. Requests for a cancellation must be sent via email. Changes in weather or changes in events to be held will not be regarded as a legitimate reason for a refund or credit.

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