Park Rules




ϖ    Guests should please report to the owners cabin upon arrival, unless previously arranged.

ϖ    All accommodation must be paid in full on or prior to arrival.

ϖ    Guests who make a booking on behalf of others, are responsible for all aspects of the booking: through from ensuring park rules are complied with, to being responsible and liable for payment to the owners in the case of short-payment.      

ϖ     A credit card authorization for $150.00 per camp-site or cabin may be required to cover damage or incidentals.  This authorization will only be used if incidentals such as drinks or ice-creams are charged, or if the accommodation (campsite, or cabin) is not left in a satisfactory condition.

ϖ    Identification passes are issued for all guests and are to be displayed on all vehicles.

ϖ    Please ensure all persons registered in your group camp together at the allocated camp sites.

ϖ    Camp fires are only to be lit within the fire pits or fire place provided.   Fire pits or stones surrounding a fire place or steel fire drums must not be moved.   Wood to be burnt in the fire pits must not exceed the size of the fire pit.  For example, large logs placed over a fire pit is not acceptable.  These are requirements which are necessary to keep the park environment clean and tidy.  Where these requirements are ignored, the guests credit card will be debited $100.00. 

ϖ    Campsites must be left free from rubbish upon departure.

ϖ    Powered cycles, quad bikes or motor cycles may not be driven anywhere on the property.

ϖ    Children must be properly supervised at all times.  

ϖ    All native animals and all plants within the park are protected.

ϖ    Guests must have the owners permission to bring dogs into the park.   No more than two dogs per site or two dogs per party are permitted.  Dogs are only permitted in the Maroon Cove and Bush Camp SIte areas.

ϖ    Rubbish should please be placed in bins.  Campsites must be free from litter at all times.   Please do not burn rubbish in the campfire pits.

ϖ    Toilets:  Please do not flush any foreign objects down the toilet.   (Bins are provided for sanitary napkins etc).

ϖ    All the water used at Lake Maroon Holiday Park is from rainwater tanks. Please use the water thoughtfully and keep shower times to a minimum.

ϖ    If an emergency occurs, or an ambulance is called to the site, please advise the park manager immediately.


ϖ    Please respect the privacy of other guests to ensure everyone has a pleasurable experience.   Noise or music must be kept to a reasonable volume at all times so as not to disturb other guests.   Noise and Music must be reduced from 8.00 pm.   A quiet time policy from 8.00 pm to 7.00 am applies.   Please consider other guests who may want to enjoy the quiet bush environment.

ϖ    A 10.00 pm curfew applies to all noise and music etc.  

ϖ    Any person behaving in an offensive manner or who intentionally damages property or places property or people at risk will be asked to leave the park.   Where necessary the matter will be referred to Police.

ϖ    We reserve the right to refuse or revoke entry to the park to any person whom is causing excessive noise or is considered to be conducting themselves inappropriately.

ϖ    No Firearms (including bow & arrows etc), fireworks or flares etc are permitted within the park.

Cancellations and Refunds
We have a strictly "NO REFUND" policy for cancellations for bookings which have been made for Christmas, Easter, and other public holidays.  Outside of Christmas, Easter, and other public holidays, where a holiday house, cottage, cabin or campsite booking is to be cancelled, a credit may be given depending upon the circumstances.  Monies paid for bookings are not refundable.  For example, changes in weather or changes in events to be held will not be regarded as a legitimate reason for a refund. 

Bookings may be carried forward upon request, provided the revised date is not a public holiday.  Requests for bookings to be carried forward must be made in writing.

8.30 am to 5.00 pm.

Proprietors:  Brian & Vicki Clayton

535 Burnett Creek Road,
Maroon QLD 4310
P O Box 22, Boonah, Qld, 4310
Tel: (07) 5463 6256

ABN 18829511046



Address: 535 Burnett Creek Road, Maroon QLD 4310.

Phone:(07) 5463 6256

GPS location: 28.2022 Degrees South / 152.6490 Degrees East.