Published on Nov 20, 2013

Lake Maroon Holiday Park. 

This video shows some of what can be done and seen when staying at the Lake Maroon Holiday Park. 

This footage was captured by patrons of the park.


Lake Maroon Holiday Park Guest Video


Uploaded on Mar 2, 2011

Lake Maroon Holiday Park is the ideal camping and fishing destination, just south of Boonah, in South East Queensland (SEQ).   The Maroon Dam is also a great place for waterskiing, sailing and canoeing.   

The Lake Maroon Holiday Park is surrounded by the mountains of the Scenic Rim. 

Lake Maroon (the lake behind Maroon Dam) is regularly stocked with fish.

Wake-boarding on Lake Maroon

Lake Maroon Holiday Park. 

Published on October 23, 2012

Lake Maroon

Lake Maroon Holiday Park. 

Published on June 12, 2013

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Published June 19, 2014

This is a video of a guest trying to remove a cow from our Maroon Cove camping area.  The local council does not require farmers to keep cattle from wandering at large on public roads in the Maroon area.  In this video someone left the gate to our Maroon Cove camping area open, and one of the cows walked in from the road.  This camper was trying to be helpful, by removing the cow.  He was trying to stop the cow disturbing other campers.  This guest got off lightly and he only got his ego a bit dented.   The facts are that despite the gales of laughter from all over the park, our guest could have been seriously injured by this cow who wandered into our park from the road.  This video is published with the permission and at the request of our guest.  Here is what the guest has to say on the subject:-
“I am quite the horseman. Feel very comfortable on them. That's why I think that a cow would have been similar to persuade to leave by rope, never have I been so wrong ha, ha.”
No one had any sympathy for our poor guest: the whole of the Maroon Cove area was in an uproar of laughter !  But be warned: don’t try to do this !  If cattle wander from the road into any area of the park, please alert management as soon as possible.  We will remove the cattle or cow, and report the matter to the local council.  We want you to enjoy your stay at Maroon.